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Setting up a Fry's Router for my Nintendo DS

posted Mar 27, 2010, 9:21 PM by TechNick TechNick   [ updated Mar 30, 2010, 6:22 AM ]
A week ago I got my self a copy of the new Pokemon game that recently was released at Costco, I got Heart Gold version. I've been playing the game the game a lot this past week. The fun thing about Pokemon is the trading of Pokemon and items. With the Nintendo DS it's no problem to trade Pokemon over wifi and it's easier to do trading thanks to the WTS. I had only one problem I have the original DS which can only connect to WEP or non secure networks. My home network uses WPA2 which will not work with my DS meaning I can't connect to the internet for online play for my DS games. I've had this problem for a while and I've pretty much never bothered using some of online play stuff in my games but thinking about it now I really wanted to be able to trade Pokemon since that was a major part of the game. I didn't want to change my home network into WEP since it can easy be cracked under a few minutes. I looked into different solutions on how to get my DS online I even tried creating a ad-hoc network with my laptop but that didn't work as well. I finally just decided to buy a cheap router from Fry's Electronics. I bought the cheapest router Fry's carried and that turned out to be their name brand router that only cost $20. Once I got home I took my new router out of it's box to see what it came with.

What the box the router came in looks like.
Whats inside the box.

Everything that the box came with laid out.

The router came with a Cat5 cable and some screws in case I wanted to wall mount it.

Also inside was what appeared to be the top of a Lego.

The Lego thing turned out to be the rubber feet for the router which I had to apply myself.

After I applied all the rubber feet to the router, I plugged it in connected it via my main router. I then tried to get into it via web browser but that didn't' work. It seems that the new router was on a different subnet than my router not only that but also almost all routers have DHCP turned on by default and since my main router also had DHCP also on at the same time it was sure to cause problems.  So then I took out my laptop and and plugged the Ethernet cable from the new router into my laptop. After entering the default IP address for the router I was greeted with it's log in screen.

After entering the default log in crentials, I think looked around for the basic settings of the router.

I found the network settings in the router and changed the IP address from to that way it could be in the same subnet as my router. I also turned off the DHCP since my main router already acted as the DHCP server in my network and having two of them would cause conflicts. After I had made these changes I saved the settings in the router and after they where saved I disconnected ther router from my laptop and I plugged it back in to my main router since now i should have been able to play around with the settings. After turning off my laptop and putting it away I tried to log in from my  desktop and sure enough I got the log in screen. Now that the routers network settings where set it was  time to change the wireless settings.

I found the wireless settings and tried to configure it it was actually had to manual setup the WEP since it astriks the key that you where typing. Eventually I used the built in wizard in the router to wet up my wireless settings for me, it was easier to do and it generated a very random key for me. I set the router for WEP since that is the only security protocol it supports. I used a 128-bit encryption since that was the storngest available in the router. I then turned on my DS and after entering the WEP key tried to see if I could connect, I was getting an error that I couldn't. After playing around with the settings I then discovered that what was preventing me from connecting to the router was that the Wi-Fi Protected Setup was enabled, that was what it seems was not allowing me to connect. After turning it off my Nintendo DS was finally able to connect to the wireless and I could now play my games online.