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I Bought a New Router Just So I Can Trade Pokemon

posted Mar 27, 2010, 9:26 PM by TechNick TechNick   [ updated Mar 28, 2010, 12:09 AM ]
A week ago I got my self a copy of the new Pokemon game that recently was released at Costco, I got Heart Gold version. I've been playing the game the game a lot this past week. The fun thing about Pokemon is the trading of Pokemon and items. With the Nintendo DS it's no problem to trade Pokemon over wifi and it's easier to do trading thanks to the WTS. I had only one problem I have the original DS which can only connect to WEP or non secure networks. My home network uses WPA2 which will not work with my DS meaning I can't connect to the internet for online play for my DS games. I've had this problem for a while and I've pretty much never bothered using some of online play stuff in my games but thinking about it now I really wanted to be able to trade Pokemon since that was a major part of the game. I didn't want to change my home network into WEP since it can easy be cracked under a few minutes. I looked into different solutions on how to get my DS online I even tried creating a ad-hoc network with my laptop but that didn't work as well. I finally just decided to buy a cheap router from Fry's Electronics. You can read about me setting it up in my tech projects. So far it works great and I only turn it on when I'm using the wifi connection for my DS. I've also got it using WEP just for safty measure, it can be cracked under minutes maybe even seconds but this is better then leaving it open where almost any one can use my wifi. Considering that I'm currently living in a condo complex that is a good idea to prevent people to get into my network.
I also got 4 GB (2x 2GB) sticks of RAM in the mail yesterday, I ordered it from NewEgg with a gift certificate I got for my B-day. I haven't installed it yet but with this new RAM my system should be speedier and I can run a lot of virtual machines with out fear. As for my birthday it was 2 weeks ago it was nice, I got mostly cards with checks in them and I got to eat out at HomeTown Buffet. So it was a nice decent birthday over all.