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A Shopping I A Go For Improvments

posted Mar 7, 2010, 4:21 PM by TechNick TechNick   [ updated Mar 17, 2010, 9:11 AM ]
Last Wednesday I went to IKEA to go buy some wooden hangers. The reason I was going to get my wooden hangers from IKEA  was because I had already bought some hangers from them in the past before and I just wanted all my hangers to match. So off me and my girlfriend went off to IKEA. Once I got to IKEA and went up the escalator we went and headed towards the IKEA restaurant. It was lunch time so we had to eat something. She got a chicken caesar salad, dinner roll, princess cake, and a drink. While I got myself the classic Swedish meatball plate (comes with mash potatoes and ligonberry jam )  with an extra 5 meatballs, a dinner roll, a slice of chocolate overload cake, and a drink.

Mmm... Doesn't that look good?

After we ate we went and did our tour around the IKEA. The only interesting thing to note was apparently they where remodeling the whole kitchen section. They had people sawing wood and drilling new cabinets it was quite amazing. There was nothing on the top floor of the IKEA that caught my eye except maybe a table or this and that but like always I don't have the room for it, so I have to wait till I have my own place which would only be a few months away, I hope. I shouldn't say nothing caught my eye on the top floor because one thing did and that was this monitor stand they had made in the office section of the IKEA with some parts, I really liked how it looked and everything. I had wanted a monitor stand for a while but I wasn't sure if I should buy it or not because the parts would cost a total of $30 to make this monitor stand. I gave it some thought and decided to go through with the purchase since I needed a monitor stand, it was mainly wood, which is my favorite furniture material, and it was birch so it would match with my computer desk, which was an IKEA Mikael. After writing down the part and aisle numbers to pick up the parts we did proceeded down stairs. We really didn't stick around down stairs much, they had the hangers I wanted right there in the under $5 section but I decided to wait on it since I knew they also had the hangers near the exit of the IKEA. So we browsed around a little bit and then we hit the hangers again and this time I actually got a yellow bag and picked up some hangers. I decided to pick up a total of a dozen hanger packs, now there are 8 hangers to a pack, and I got a dozen packs meaning I got a total of 96 hangers! I took my time choosing the hangers I inspected each pack since I didn't want any wooden hangers that where chipped or cracked. My girlfriend sat down while I took my time picking and choosing which packs to get. I finally got my 12 packs of hangers and it took 2 yellow bags to carry them all in. We then went to the store exit into the warehouse got a cart and then picked up my parts for my new monitor stand. After picking up my parts, we went to the self check out and bought all my stuff. Luckily for me I brought my reusable Wal-mart bags with me and I had to use all 4 of them to hold all the hangers each bag could only hold around 3 hanger packs. After purchasing we went to the parking lot and hoped in the car and drove towards home.

    Once I arrived home I put all the hangers I bought onto my bed. It was time to take them out of there wrapping and to put replace my plastic hangers with my new wooden ones.
Hangers Thousands of them!!!
Don't they look nice?
Item name, IKEA product, and of course made in China

It took a while to replace all my old hangers with the newer wooden ones in fact I didn't fish the whole thing till a few days ago. But over all I'm happy the how the results came and I think my closet looks more stylish now.

Now doesn't that look nice?
A bag full of my old hangers. Note, the different kinds in there.

After having a majority of my clothes on the new wooden hangers I decided to build my new monitor stand. I took all the parts out of there packaging (only two parts the wooden top and the legs). I then realized that the legs and top where not designed to go together.  If the top didn't have pre drilled holes that would work with the legs, then I was going to make some with my drill. So I had to do an IKEA hack, I got my tools and cordless drill out. I'm a big believer in Mike Holmes saying "If your going to do something do it right". I spent the first of my time trying to figure out how to do the measurements of where the legs where going to be placed at. I finally decided to use the pre drilled holes in the top as a point of reference when doing the measurements. So once I had figured out what the measurements for the placement of the legs where going to be I started to get to work. The part I had to be careful about was the drilling of the holes. If I didn't drill deep enough they screws would have a hard time going all the way in, and if I drilled too deep I would have drilled a whole all the way to the other side. The drill bit was twice the depth of the wood I was drilling so I had to go slowly and watch how deep I put the the drill bit in. Luckily I didn't mess up and all the holes I drilled where perfect, not too deep, not too shallow. Now I should note that I drilled the holes one at a time for each leg, then screwed the leg in, place an other leg, drill the holes then screw it in again, and repeat. I must admit looking back it it now it would have been better to just drill all the holes at once instead of doing on leg at a time. Also I drilled the holes in place while the leg was placed it would have been better to have marked where the holes where to be drilled and then remove the leg then drill. This would have been easier to do since the leg wouldn't have moved while drilling. I didn't do this til lthe last leg which I found easier to do. When it came down to screwing the legs in I did it by hand via screwdriver, the reason for this was if any of the holes where too shallow and if I used a power drill I could have damaged the wood. The whole project of building my little monitor stand took me about an hour and a half, I was very happy with the results and it came out perfect.

The wooden top of my new monitor stand

The legs that are going to go on it
It's completed! Legs are screwed in to the top

What it looks like standing up