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April Fools, Fools All Around.

posted Apr 1, 2010, 9:26 PM by TechNick TechNick   [ updated Apr 21, 2010, 11:47 PM ]

So my friends April Fools joke to me was to make me believe my place was on fire. He was at my front door trying to start a small fire that way he could blow some smoke though my door. Apparently he went to plan B, since starting the fire wasn't doing him any good. He knocked really hard on my door and said my building was on fire. My door is a double lock door meaning I need to use a key to unlock my door from the inside. I know he jokes a lot so I got my keys and unlocked the door. I said what's up he said something is one fire. I didn't believe him at first but he points to the ash on the ground and the ash that is on top of his head covering his hair. I then start to believe him about the fire not that my building is on fire but I think that maybe something in the distance is on fire and ash is flying everywhere. So I walk out my door out of the little entry way and outside where I can see everything and look all around for any smoke. I then notice there is none and then ask my friend if he was at a demolition site a while ago. he says" No, what day is it". So that was his April fools joke. I got him back with a Mexican Easter egg. Later during the day I get a call from him saying if I had checked my tire pressure lately, after looking out my window I see him driving off in his car honking his horn. I then went outside a bit later and found out he let the air from two of my tires. I used my emergency pump to reair the tires, I could only do it by looks though. The next day he came by and showed up that way he could make sure all my tires where at the correct PSI and air them up if they needed it and one tired actually had too much air so he let a little out. Overall it was all good.